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Former news anchor to launch underwear brand called horni

Former BBC news anchor Riz Khan is to launch an online underwear brand, with the journalist turned businessman targeting more than £1 million sales in the first year.

Dubbed horni - a nod to the company's pledge to give at least 10% of pre-tax profits to global rhino conservation - the new venture is being bankrolled by £1.5 million of Mr Khan's own money.

The broadcaster told the Press Association that horni is expected to generate around £1.2 million in revenues in its first year.

However, Mr Khan added that he expects the uptake to be much higher as the brand campaign grows, saying: "We should be doubling and tripling revenues rather quickly."

Private equity investors have already been eyeing the business with interest, Mr Khan said, but insisted that he does not want to involve them until a later date.

"I have wanted to keep the brand message clear of any interference or outside influence for now."

Mr Khan, who has also done stints at Al Jazeera and CNN, said that he hopes he can eventually manufacture some horni products in the UK, creating new jobs. Currently, horni products are manufactured in India and Sri Lanka.

The UK's decision to leave the EU also played a part in Mr Khan's decision to support a British-based charity, Save the Rhino International.

"I was surprised at the outcome of the Brexit vote, but being a hardcore Brit, I decided that it was important to support a country that I love," he added.