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Former NI Water pumping station goes on the market

By John Mulgrew

A former 1930s water pumping station building in the heart of Belfast city centre has gone on the market.

The building sits on Oxford Street, just in front of the Waterfront Hall, and is on sale for £100,000.

It has been owned by Northern Ireland Water and was used as a pumping station up until 2009. The building is being marketed by commercial property firm McKibben.

The ground floor of the building features an open mesh floor on steel frame around the perimeter with painted brick walls.

And those selling the property say it has now been drained completely of water.

A spokesman for NI Water said it "can confirm that the former Oxford Street Wastewater Pumping Station has been put on the open market".

"NI Water has an obligation to dispose of surplus assets in order to achieve the best value for money on behalf of the taxpayer," he said.

"The site was built as a storm water pumping station in the 1930s by the then Belfast Corporation. Along with three other similar facilities elsewhere in the city, it has been out of service since late 2009, when the Belfast Storm Water Tunnel was commissioned."

It's the latest piece of commercial property to go on the market on Oxford Street in the last few weeks.

The four-storey Laganview House on the corner of Ann Street and Oxford Street is now on the market for £1.25m. It was originally built for the Bank of Ireland and was later occupied by the NI Housing Executive.

But the building is now vacant - with the exception of Michelin-starred restaurant OX on its ground floor.

However, OX is in a unit which has a different owner, so is not affected by the sale.

The ground floor still has the hallmarks of its former use as a banking hall, with a floor to ceiling height of close to five metres.

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