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Forum to focus on jobless youth

A Former Bank of England expert will join an international conference on youth unemployment and lack of education to be held in Belfast next spring.

David Blanchflower was part of its interest rate-setting committee and is a world-renowned specialist in youth joblessness.

He and others will be considering how to prevent a 'lost generation' with no qualifications from drifting into criminality.

Riots and looting erupted across England this summer, sparking debate on how to engage with those from deprived areas. Northern Ireland has experienced bouts of mob violence for many years.

Conference organiser Nick Garbutt said: "We are bringing together global authorities on different aspects of the problem to study solutions."

Other speakers at March's Children of Conflict include Chicago Professor Timothy Shanahan, who has advised two US Presidents on literacy. They will be joined by authorities on rehabilitating offenders.

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