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Fuel firm puts faith in 'pay at pump' stations

By Clare Weir

'pay at pump' garages are growing in popularity in Northern Ireland with the opening of a second automated filling station here.

Seen mainly on the continent and spreading throughout the Republic, the development allows fuel to remain accessible to the public 24 hours a day and also helps keep petrol and diesel prices down through reduced overheads, as there is no need for the facility to be manned or to have an adjoining shop

Lissan Coal Company (LCC) has just opened its second 'pay@pump' to be launched under its GO brand in Carrickfergus as part of a multi-million investment programme, supported by Northern Bank, to roll out the concept throughout Northern Ireland in the coming years.

The firm's first GO 'pay@pump' site opened in Cookstown in 2008.

The company also supplies around 20 other independently-owned filling stations across the island of Ireland under the brand GO. LCC Group sales director Daniel Loughran said that while the concept is new to Northern Ireland, the benefits are clear.

"The forecourt format is very easy to use - customers simply drive to a pump where they'll be prompted to insert a credit or debit card, enter their PIN number, fill their tank as required, replace the nozzle, collect the receipt and drive off," he said.

"Our ambition is to expand throughout Northern Ireland and this is being facilitated by Northern Bank, who made the process of securing the funding for this project very straightforward and this is testament to the strength and expertise of their team."

The family-owned Lissan Coal Company was established in 1986 with headquarters in Cookstown and in 1997, LCC started the oil division.


Number of independent filling stations under GO brand supplied by LCC