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Future is bright as SME executive programme is launched

By Rachel Martin

International expansion is now the “norm” for high performing SMEs here, the Dean of Trinity Business School has said.

Speaking at the sponsorship launch of an education programme for senior executives of SMEs across the UK and Ireland, Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School, said: “Once the preserve of large multi-nationals, international expansion has become the norm for high-performing SMEs.”

The Trinity International Growth Programme will run over three years in partnership with Bank of Ireland and the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and will involve 20 firms in its first year. Participants of the programme will receive intensive classes, case study sessions, seminars, guest talks and workshops.

And they will be able to translate their learning into an action plan for their business.

Aidan Lynch of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce — also a general manager at GlaxoSmithKline — said: “The businesses selected from the two islands for this programme will benefit from the Chamber’s extensive networks and the experience of our membership, increasing investment and jobs. From a regulatory, cultural and of course a language perspective, Britain is more like the next county than the next country.

“The value of trade flowing between Britain and Ireland is over €1bn each week. Britain is Ireland’s largest two-way trading partner, with 42% of indigenous Irish expo

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