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Future looks bright for IT and software sectors

By Clare Weir

The IT and software sectors continue to grow, with no less than four separate companies in Northern Ireland embarking on an extensive recruitment drive.

InVision Software, Seagate, Cybersource, and Singularity are all advertising for multiple positions in Belfast and Londonderry.

InVision is an international software solutions provider with European roots.

It is looking for employees in eight separate roles, as part of “continued expansion”.

Cybersource works in the e-commerce industry with a research and development office in Belfast, and is also looking for staff in eight areas, including software engineers and technical team leaders.

In Londonderry, due to “growing market opportunities”, the business-streamlining company Singularity is looking for software engineers and is offering three other posts, including that of a business analyst.

And industry giant Seagate is also advertising four positions, including project engineers.

While other sectors are failing, and despite IT companies shedding jobs, certain companies are braving the economic storm and in some cases, benefiting from it.

Professor David Bustard, head of the school of computing and information engineering at the University of Ulster, said that while any recruitment drive is good news, it does not yet signal a total recovery.

“In any time of difficulty, lots of companies look to IT as a way of streamlining what they do, and Singularity in particularly specialise in helping businesses act more efficiently,” he said.|“What I would say is that companies are recruiting fewer specialists and more generalists, people with the skills to adapt.

“While it appears that the mood seems to be lifting, these are different types of post. It is good in that it will encourage graduates to stay home and apply for these jobs, and for younger people to consider going into IT and software courses with a view to a career in the sector.

“However it will take a long time before we reach the situation where we were 10 years ago, when nearly every single graduate from UU courses gained employment following their degree.”

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