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Future of our cheques may be saved by the bill

By Margaret Canning

The fight to save The humble cheque from obscurity entered a new and suitably genteel phase yesterday.

This time The campaign has been embraced by David Ward, The Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East.

He said the phasing out of the cheque was being promoted by vested interests and presented his bill in the House of Commons yesterday. His bill aims to "make provision to ensure that cheque facilities continue to be available to customers of financial institutions and for connected purposes".

The UK Payments Council has said cheques will be phased out by 2018. It's the elderly who are less at home using debit cards and credit cards who stand to lose out most.

Could a decision to 'save the cheque' become a vote-winning move by the Tories or Liberal Democrats in the next election?

Yes, you heard the theory here first.