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G8 chiefs lap up the cream of the crop

Lesley Houston

WORLD leaders who converged on Fermanagh for G8 arrived hungry for socio-political harmony but soon developed an unquenchable appetite for the dairy produce lacing their five-star menus.

Lough Erne Resort's top man in the kitchen, Noel McMeel (sitting left), had to phone an emergency order through to Ballyrashane whose dairy depot is luckily just minutes away in Enniskillen.

US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and other leaders lapped up so much milk, butter and cream they nearly ran out.

Mr McMeel had to summon the help of Philip Glen (right), Ballyrashane's depot manager, to deliver more semi-skimmed milk.

Mr Glen said: "We had supplied 300 two-litre containers of cream, 200 two-litres of whole milk, 20 three-gallon containers of semi-skimmed milk and 10 boxes of butter prior to the summit, but I had to get more."

Award-winning chef Mr McMeel praised Ballyrashane, and said: "As a five-star resort we expect five-star suppliers who will fit the needs of our business.

"Ballyrashane, which is Ulster's oldest dairy, fits the needs of a five-star resort. Philip and his team are five-star all the way."

Ballyrashane Creamery announced in May that it is developing a "unique" butter for the European market as part of a £6m investment to grow its business.

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