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Game gains precious extra time

By Jamie Grierson

The future of struggling retailer Game was looking less bleak last night as the group confirmed a third party has shown interest in providing it with extra support.

The group, which employs 10,000, warned this week it was in danger of collapse after several suppliers refused to provide it with new products.

Game said a third party - reportedly private investment firm OpCapita - is in talks with its lenders.

A statement said: "The board of Game confirm that a third party has shown interest in providing additional funding for the company.

" The third party is seeking a dialogue with the group's current lenders, however, there is no certainty to the outcome.

"At the same time, the board remains in its own discussions with its current lenders as it continues to conduct a review of its business and assets."

This week, Game said it was seeking access to alternative sources of funding and has asked suppliers for more generous trading terms, but it has not been possible to source new products from suppliers.