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Game's decision to charge for trying out PlayStation VR headset criticised

High street retailer Game has been criticised for choosing to charge consumers for demos of Sony's new PlayStation VR virtual reality headset.

The video games store is charging £5 for 10 minutes or £15 for a 30-minute in-store demonstration of the new system, which costs £350 to buy.

PlayStation VR went on sale in the UK earlier this month and is powered by plugging the headset into a PlayStation 4 console.

Sony itself has been conducting a UK-wide tour of the headset, with the technology giant offering trials for free to those who are interested in trying the device.

Game tweeted that should those who pay for a trial decide to buy the system, they will be refunded the demo fee.

However, some consumers have taken to social media to criticise the high street chain over the decision.

Twitter user John Hunt called the decision "disgusting", while Dean Johnson argued the fee could "discourage your audience from trying VR".

However, there has been some support for the scheme.

Twitter user KnucklePuck McDorian wrote: "Surely to goodness paying £5 to try it, even for 10 minutes is much better than paying £350+ to then find out it makes you violently sick from motion sickness or that it doesn't do what you wanted it to."

Game has not yet commented on the decision.

Sony said the decision to have a charge was "at the discretion" of Game.