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Gas firm offers £400 to bin old oil boilers

The gas industry in Northern Ireland is to hand £400 cash back to homeowners wishing to upgrade from oil boilers or storage heaters to natural gas.

From April 1 a privately funded boiler scrappage grant supported by Phoenix Natural Gas will be made available to householders who wish to connect to natural gas for the first time in the Greater Belfast area.

The scheme also offers significant money back for users of Economy 7.

The Department for Social Development recently announced that it would be implementing a small targeted scrappage scheme for sections of the fuel poor. But Phoenix Natural Gas said their scheme would be “more wide-ranging”.

Alasdair McDonnell MP welcomed the news.

“I know this will be welcomed by the many people who are struggling with fuel bills and who may have been reluctant before now to invest in a new boiler due to circumstances,” he said.

“Replacing ageing boilers and heating systems will benefit not only family budgets, but also the environment.”

David Taylor of the Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation, said the scheme would have knock-on benefits for the local economy.

“This will be a big boost for gas installers and of course householders who have old inefficient heating systems and are thinking of upgrading,” he said.

“Natural gas is currently massively cheaper than oil and Economy 7 and has a range of other benefits that appeal to consumers. The view of the industry is that the incentive announced this week will definitely lead to an increase in demand.”

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