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Get smart and exploit your brand

By Debbie Orme

When it comes to choosing the social medium that's best for your business, there is simply no substitute for research.

One size doesn't fit all in social media so, in order to choose the right one for your company or product, you need to evaluate a wide range of real data and audience insights.

Image-based networks such as Pinterest work well for connecting with both consumers and business to business.

This medium provides a visual angle for your brand and can also complement your other branded work.

An understanding of your brand (not simply your logo and website) is vitally important in telling the story of who you are, who you service and what impact your products or services will have for the world.

Video networks such as Youtube allow you to experiment with various video lengths, from ultra-short Vines to more in-depth video content.

Experiment with both scripted and unscripted videos: you'll be amazed at the moments of genius that can be picked up on film in unscripted moments.

LinkedIn is still the top network for business-focused social media marketers.

Through this medium you can connect directly with business people from a wide range of levels and types of company, from sole traders to multi nationals and in every position from chief executive to new recruits.

LinkedIn also now has a feature where you can publish your content directly to the network so it's a critical component of your publishing strategy.

Twitter and Facebook: The top players in the social media landscape give you unprecedented access to potential customers.

Make sure that you prioritise updates with added value and which are totally customer focused.

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