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Gift-finding service hopes to help men earn a few Brownie Points

By Rachel Martin

A Co Down businesswoman claims she has taken the stress out of Christmas with a gift-finding service. Founder Denise Robinson from Holywood describes Shop Brownie Points as "a gift service for men who do not know what women want".

Prices start at £100, but Denise said you did not have to break the bank to find the perfect present.

She told how most of her clients were men at a loss as to what to buy their partners for birthdays, Valentine's Day or Christmas.

She does the hard work of picking products such as scented candles and perfumes from high-end brand Jo Malone.

"The best gifts are things the person would like or need, but would never want to spend the money on," Denise said.

"Everyone loves silk nightwear, jewellery, Jo Malone and experiences like a shopping day trip where we will also arrange lunch, and maybe if she's into beauty a treatment would be nice - things like that."

But Denise warned men never to never buy clothes as a gift. "They're too personal and everyone's taste is different," she added. "What I like, another person might not, and you've got to get the size right."

Denise came up with the business idea when a male friend asked for help finding a present for his wife.

She said: "I picked a few options and he called me afterwards and said, 'You've earned me serious Brownie points', and that was it - I knew there was a business in it.

"There are so many people who really want to give something personal and meaningful, but struggle to know what. I've always been good at buying for others."

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