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Gin, oat milk and bicycle helmets added to Britain's inflation basket

By Ravender Sembhy

An increasing number of gin drinkers and vegans has led to the popular tipple and items such as oat milk being added to Britain's inflation basket.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that the increase in popularity of dairy-free diets has led to non-dairy milk - such as soya, rice and oat milk - making an appearance on the list it uses to track prices for the first time.

The statistics body cited the rise of campaigns such as 'Veganuary', where some people go vegan for a month. Gin returns to the basket after a 13-year absence following a rise in consumption and after a growth in the number of small gin producers.

A number of Northern Ireland producers now distil their own gin, including Gerry White, creator of Jawbox Gin.

The ONS also said that the list will now include bicycle helmets after a 12-year absence, due to the increase in the popularity of cycling linked to sporting successes by British cyclists in the Olympics and the Tour De France. Children's scooters are replace children's swings.

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