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Gove and Robinson clash over 'expert opinions'

Michael Gove sounds like a man who goes to the pub to get advice when he is ill instead of going to see a doctor, the BBC's Nick Robinson said as the pair clashed over the merits of "expert" opinion.

Earlier in the EU referendum campaign, Mr Gove said that voters had "had enough of experts".

Mr Robinson asked Mr Gove on BBC Radio 4's Today programme how he felt about the warning from billionaire currency trader George Soros that a vote to Leave the EU would trigger a plunge in the value of the pound greater than Black Wednesday.

Mr Gove began his answer by stating that Mr Soros "is an advocate of the single currency" and an "advocate of greater European integration", having previously said that "the single currency would be a good thing for Europe and an anchor of stability".

Mr Robinson then asked: "Is he one of those experts that you say we should simply ignore because apparently you think we should ignore all experts these days?"

Mr Gove replied: "I have never said that we should ignore all experts. I specifically said, and this applies..."

But Mr Robinson then intervened and said: "'We've heard enough from experts' was your line."

To which Mr Gove replied: "That was half of the line. Actually, the full line was we've had enough of experts from organisations with acronyms that got the single currency wrong."

Mr Robinson then said: "You sound like a man though who says that when I'm ill, let's not go and rush and see a doctor - they are an expert - perish me no. What we ought to do instead, is pop down the pub and take a survey of opinion."

Mr Gove replied: "If economic forecasters were as reliable as doctors or airline pilots, then everyone would be a billionaire.

"The truth is that economic forecasters like George Soros have got things wrong in the past."

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