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Graeme McDowell's G-Mac's Celtic Style Pale Ale has US thirsting for more

By Nevin Farrell

A beer named in honour of Northern Ireland golfing great Graeme McDowell has proved a hit at the 19th hole in his adopted home of Florida - although fans in his native Portrush are missing out on the tipple.

Golfers have been downing cans of 'G-Mac's Celtic Style Pale Ale' as they kick back after a hard day on the fairways in the Sunshine State.

And now the brew has earned its first review - earning plenty of praise from Doug Fairall of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times in Florida, who clearly enjoyed sinking the mid-strength ale.

"G Mac's is a sessionable pale ale, hitting the green with a mild 5% abv. It pours a slightly hazy deep amber orange, with all of the color of the sun. A surprisingly thick centimeter or so of eggshell colored head blankets the beer," he wrote.

Fairall said that initially he was expecting a bigger hop taste, but "this beer hits the maltier side of the pale ale spectrum, dipping its toes into the amber ale category".

McDowell has teamed up with two other golf professionals - Freddie Jacobson and Keegan Bradley - to produce golf-themed beers.

While G-Mac's Celtic Style Pale Ale has been par for the course in clubhouses and bars in Florida for around six months now, so far it has not found its away to the clubhouse bars in McDowell's home town of Portrush.

At McDowell's former club, Rathmore in Portrush where his dad Kenny is president, they don't sell his beer behind the bar.

A spokesman said they had been talking to McDowell's father about whether there was any chance of it making it to the north Antrim club "as some people would love to try it, and he said unfortunately not".

A barman at Royal Portrush Golf Club said that it did not stock the beer and added: "It is the first I have heard of it".

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