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Great Britain ice hockey team are in The Loop when it comes to pre-Games morale

By Louise Small

County Antrim training consultancy The Loop has been delivering team building courses to the Great Britain ice hockey team in the run-up to the Olympics.

The company, which specialises in developing personal skills and teamwork in the fields of both business and sport, has run courses for the team ahead of the games in London on July 27.

Many of the athletes had previously gone head-to-head as opponents and the consultancy was brought in to help galvanise the players as a team.

Founder of The Loop, Harry Harpur, said he was thrilled that the company had been chosen to deliver the courses.

"The one-day training was extreme," he said. "I worked on the players' mind-sets and the biggest challenge was to turn their season-long thoughts on their head - their adversaries had become fellow GB team players and it was crucial that they embraced their new pack and worked as a team."

The Loop has also delivered courses to Northern Ireland's ice hockey team.

In 2011, ahead of the Belfast Giants' season, The Loop delivered a one-day team building session.

Giants manager Todd Kelman said: "The impact that The Loop made on the Giants after just one day was immense. From a group of talented individuals, Harry helped create a team with a shared vision through a unique and un-academic approach that was tailored to resonate with the players."

He added: "We have the experience and techniques to build a strong team and even in a short period of time, the results with both the Belfast Giants and the GB Ice Hockey team were clearly evident."