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Greg Clark vows to keep door open to skilled migrants

Business Secretary Greg Clark has said there is "no suggestion" skilled migrants would not be able to work in Britain after the Conservatives pledged to reduce net migration below 100,000.

Prime Minister Theresa May ended growing speculation over whether plans for a cap introduced by David Cameron would be ditched by promising a Tory Government would curb migration levels.

Pressed repeatedly on how migration targets would be met, Mr Clark would not reveal specific plans but said the Government would "look at each sector" to decide how the policy would apply.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "What has always been clearly understood is that there is no suggestion that no one would be able to come and work in this country that has skills that are required, or indeed go from this country to elsewhere.

"The key difference is that we will have control of that policy in a way that we haven't in the past."

Mr Clark said the focus would be on building up technical skills in the British workforce over "the medium and long term" to reduce the need for foreign labour.

He highlighted nuclear power as an area where workers were having to come from abroad due to a lack of skills in the UK.