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Guinness' descendant in city to launch asset management firm

By Margaret Canning

A Descendant of Arthur Guinness has visited Belfast to launch his family's retail asset management business into the investment advisory market in Northern Ireland.

Arthur Edward Rory Guinness - known as the Earl of Iveagh and the great-great-great-great-great grandson of the Irish stout's founding father - is chairman of Iveagh Ltd.

Now the fund, which has an emphasis on wealth preservation, will be open to investors here with sums of £10,000 or more which they wish to entrust to Iveagh's investment team. The Earl said: "We are so pleased to be able to proactively offer Northern Ireland investors the Iveagh Wealth Fund and Core Portfolios.

"Our investment team has performed astonishingly well given the recent turbulent years and I really believe that we have an excellent offering which can benefit all kinds of investors."

Summit Wealth Solutions will distribute the funds, which include the Iveagh Wealth Fund and the Iveagh Core Portfolios.

To date, investors have put £215m in the funds.

Jack Grundie of Summit Wealth Solutions said: "The Iveagh fund range presents a unique opportunity for new and experienced investors, in consultation with their independent financial adviser, to invest their wealth with the same management team responsible for the Guinness family's funds."

The present Earl's father, Benjamin Guinness, was the last member of the family to be involved in management of the Guinness Brewery.