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Half of all UK voters say Budget to benefit richest

By Sam Lister

Half the UK's population believe the richest will benefit most from today's Budget, according to a new poll.

Chancellor George Osborne has insisted the "bulk" of the measures in his statement will be targeted at working people on low and middle incomes. But reports suggest he will also slash the 50p top rate of income tax on earners over £150,000.

Just 17% of voters expect those earning the least to reap the most rewards tomorrow while 50% believe the wealthy will come out best, the research found.

The Ipsos Mori pre-Budget survey also found 56% of adults think the worst is yet to come on the economy.

Confidence in the Government's austerity measures has plummeted since the Coalition took power. In June 2010, 61% believed its strategy would improve the economy but that has fallen to 46%.