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Half of job hunters fear more competition for work since Brexit

Half of jobseekers are more worried about finding work since the result of the EU referendum, a report shows.

Research by totaljobs found that more than two out of five candidates believed there would be more competition for jobs as a result of Brexit.

But the number of vacancies on the website increased by 4% from May to June, showing that employers are still recruiting, said the report.

Jobseekers believe banking, manufacturing, construction and finance will be most affected by the referendum result.

Most employers do not think there will be a recruitment or pay freeze, and only a fifth of businesses said they were less likely to hire EU nationals than before Brexit

John Salt, of totaljobs, said: "The referendum vote has stirred up an amount of uncertainty among candidates and some employers. What we're seeing is that jobseekers are now slightly more concerned about their ability to find or keep a job.

"Nevertheless, what we've also found is that this uncertainty is not matched on the same scale by businesses, who in general remain pretty confident of their ability to attract and retain staff.

"It's important that the Government does all it can to steady the ship and push forward a business-as-usual agenda in these uncertain times."

Employment Minister Damian Hinds said: "The jobs market is in a position of strength thanks to a record employment rate and we have 750,000 vacancies at any one time.

"Our task now is to build on this success and support more people of all abilities and backgrounds into work so they can reap the benefits that come with having a job."