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Half of voters expect UK economy to deteriorate, survey reveals

Almost half of voters think the UK economy will get worse over the next year, according to a new survey.

Some 47% of those questioned by Ipsos Mori said they expected the economy to deteriorate, compared with 26% who thought it would improve.

The overall economic optimism score of minus 21 is the third-worst recorded in the monthly index since March 2013.

But with a week to go until Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement, the public appears happier with the Government's handling of the economy, with 51% saying it is doing a good job, and 30% a bad job.

Almost four out of 10 (39%) were satisfied with the Chancellor's performance - 12 points higher than predecessor George Osborne's last rating - while fewer than three in 10 (28%) were dissatisfied.

Almost half (46%) preferred Mr Hammond to his Labour shadow John McDonnell (28%) as best Chancellor.

Looking back at Mr Osborne's legacy, 49% of those questioned said his economic policies were bad for the country, against 40% who said they were good.

A third (33%) believe the Government should continue trying to cut the national deficit by reducing expenditure, against 31% who think spending cuts were necessary in the last Parliament but are no longer needed and 27% who think it was never right to decrease public spending.

:: Ipsos MORI interviewed 1,013 adults between November 11 and 14.