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Hangover from hell makes us miss work

By Margaret Canning

Around one third of Northern Ireland workers have lied outright or exaggerated their condition in order to take sick leave, costing the economy over £8m per year, according to a survey.

Business advisers PwC surveyed more than 2,000 UK adults in their investigation into of sick days.

At one third of those surveyed, the proportion of Northern Ireland adults who had lied to take sick days reflected UK-wide trends.

However, 71% of Northern Ireland workers said that a hangover had prompted their duvet day – more than double the UK average of 32% and the highest of all UK regions.

The most popular reason among UK workers for taking a day off sick was a hangover.

Just under 20% said they had taken a day off sick to watch a sporting event, while 35% said they'd taken one just because they were bored with their job.

And one in six said they had lied to take a day off due to good weather.

Just over one in four had lied about taking days off in order to attend an interview.

Jon Andrews, head of human resources consulting at PwC, said: "Despite overall levels of absence falling in the UK, this could be even lower if organisations crack down on unwarranted absence.

"Sickies are costing business £9bn a year – much of which is avoidable.

"The combination of major sporting events such as the World Cup and Wimbledon may mean that the temptation to lie to take time off work to watch sport is too much for some."

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