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Harry's Shack has rewritten rule book, says food writer

By Clare Weir

Belfast-born food writer John McKenna has hailed 2014 as a 'miracle year' for Northern Irish food.

"For someone who has been writing about food in Northern Ireland for over 25 years, 2014 has been an annus mirabilis," he said.

"Harry's Shack has changed the rulebook.

"It's so unlikely, there is no model for it, they are in a shack on a beach in the far north west yet Donal and Derek are at the cutting edge of contemporary Irish cooking and they had an audience from week one.

"On paper, it's the wrong thing in the wrong place. In all the objectives for running a restaurant, it should not work, it almost got washed away last month, but the success - turning away hundreds of people on a windy morning - is unprecedented."

Meanwhile, Alain Kerloc'h, sommelier and co-owner at OX in Belfast, was named the McKenna's Wine Person of the Year. Stephen Toman, also of OX, was named one of the "Dozen Hot Chefs for 2015".

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