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Helena Christensen teams up with Baileys for ad campaign

Baileys has teamed up with supermodels Helena Christensen to launch its latest ad campaign.

And winner in Northern Ireland will receive a invitation to a VIP party in New York co-hosted by Christensen as part of the global ‘Let’s do this again’ competition on Facebook.

The campaign aims to "encourage close friends to share quality moments together more often, and will inspire people to capture and share their own unique moments enjoying Baileys" for a chance to win an exclusive invitation to a VIP party in New York for themselves and a friend. People from Northern Ireland can upload their photos on the Baileys Facebook page before 16th December.

Christensen said: “My most memorable moments are often when I’m with friends because everyone is completely at ease, which makes the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. Capturing these special moments on camera is very important to me, because those are the ones that stay with you forever, so to be able to look back at them for the rest of ones life is something to be grateful for and look forward to.”

“Looking at the images also reminds you of how much great friends mean to you and how important it is to get them all together as often as possible."

Jennifer Kiernan, Baileys Brand manager, said: “Northern Irish people love getting together and we like capturing those moments on camera so we can continue sharing them. We’re looking forward to seeing some of those moments where friends have come together to do something they enjoy again uploaded onto the Facebook page over the coming weeks!”

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