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High-profile consultant bankrupt over £21,000 debt

By Margaret Canning

Well-known consultant and public figure Eva Grosman has been declared bankrupt over a £21,000 debt to a printing company, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

Ms Grosman, who is Polish, told the Belfast Telegraph that it was "unfortunate" her debtor had taken action against her but that she would be continuing in her many public roles.

She is the founder of consultancy Connect NI, which provides services such as strategic planning, project management, marketing and PR.

The 41-year-old is also a member of a think-tank called the Centre for Democracy and Peacebuilding, as well as the organiser of the high-profile TEDxStormont Women.

The petition making her bankrupt was brought by GPS Colour Graphics in Belfast and related to the printing of a magazine for the Polish community in Northern Ireland.

It's understood the debts accrued between 2007 - when the magazine was launched as Glosik - and 2009.

The company said it had issued Ms Grosman with a statutory demand for £21,137 though Ms Grosman argued that the debt was not owed by her but by a company called Link Polska Ltd.

GPS director David Bell said a legal settlement in December 2013 was later reached for Eva Grosman to repay £8,200 but that the amount was not paid.

The company then issued proceedings to recover the original sum of £21,000, leading to the bankruptcy petition.

Ms Grosman said: "It's an unfortunate situation due to business debts from back a few years ago.

"I will now have to consult with my accountant but it's a very unfortunate situation and there's very little I can do.

"I regret that it's got to this point."

She added: "I don't think it will affect any of my current roles... At this stage I'm just very, very disappointed that they (the company) decided to take this action."

The latest TEDxStormont Women talk took place on Thursday night and featured speeches by high-profile women talking about their lives and work.

The line-up included Justice Minister and independent MLA Claire Sugden, transvestite Lady Portia di Monte and perinatal mental health advocate Lindsey Robinson, who's married to DUP MP Gavin Robinson.

Ms Grosman is also to attend the All-Island Civic Dialogue on Brexit in Dublin next week.

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