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Hoaxer tricks Mark Carney into email chat on Bank ex-governor's drinking habits

Bank of England governor Mark Carney is the latest top banker to fall foul of an email prankster pretending to be his boss.

Mr Carney was tricked into an email exchange discussing former Bank governor Eddie George's drinking habits with the hoaxer, who pretended to be Anthony Habgood, chairman of the Court of the Bank of England.

It is thought the unidentified hoaxer also caught out Barclays chief executive Jes Staley earlier this month, faking emails from the bank's chairman John McFarlane.

In a series of emails published on social media site Twitter, the trickster hoodwinked Mr Carney by using a fake email address - - and saw the governor respond three times to a message referencing reports of Jane Austen on the new £10 note "looking like someone who's had a 'bracing martini'".

Mr Carney responded, saying he would have one martini "and order another two", adding "apparently that was Eddie George's daily in take...before lunch".

The central bank boss also said he would consider a Summer Nights-themed party invitation.

But he abruptly ended the exchange when the hoaxer said there would be "dashing bar ladies" and told Mr Carney he kept the "crystal glasses" low down so their "enchanting dexterity" could be admired.

Mr Carney replied: " Sorry Anthony. Not appropriate at all."

It comes two weeks after Mr Staley was caught out by hoax emails after the bank's annual general meeting, which prompted an overly enthusiastic reply.

The revelation will no doubt come as an embarrassment to the Bank, which has been urging the lending sector to strengthen its IT defences and security.

The Bank of England did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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