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Holly hits the jackpot

If you have ever considered trying your hand at online bingo then Jackpotjoy may just be the site for you. With daily winners on various games, you could emulate recent winner Mrs Holly M, who won a very nice sum totalling £11,729.89 after playing the game Tiki Temple.

More than just an Online Bingo site, Jackpotjoy has a plethora of games available, including an online casino offering big jackpots. There’s not much you can buy for 10p these days, but it can put you in with a chance of winning big, with entrance to many of the games available on the website costing just that.

Holly is a prime example of a winner, she just logged on to spend time playing some of her favourite online games and left “so happy andvery excited with the win” and, like many of Jackpotjoy’s winners, “could not believe” that she had won. With her win, Holly joins the ever expanding club of winners on Jackpotjoy; while the amounts may vary, they all have one thing in common, joy at their jackpots.

Holly won just shy of £12,000 playing one of Jackpotjoy’s most popular online games, Tiki Temple, a twist on the classic slot machine. Set in the heart of the jungle with amusing characters including Tito, Rico, Fabio, Enzo and Geoff! and there even the karma-chameleons Lenny & Benny who, to the delight of all players, deliver free spins, it’s no wonder that Tiki Temple is so popular.

With Holly’s big win, her only problem now is deciding what to do with it. With so many possibilities available, she only has one idea so far, stating that a “shopping spree is planned for the weekend!” There is no shortage of times a husband will tell his wife not to go too crazy with the credit cards, but it’s unlikely this will be one of them.

If Tiki Temple or online bingo isn’t your thing, don’t despair; Jackpotjoy has a multitude of other games including scratch cards, roulette and, if you’ve always fancied yourself as a game show expert, consider an online version Deal or No Deal; whatever you prefer you’re bound to find something you like.

In addition to having the chance to win some serious money, Jackpotjoy also fosters a great online community where you can chat with other players from all around the country.

Holly’s £11,729.89 is enough to make anyone’s day, but many of the jackpots at Jackpotjoy can go far in excess of that, and really lucky players could find themselves logging off with over half a million pounds in their account. That’s not bad for having some fun online, and with money like that it’s no wonder where Jackpotjoy gets its name from.

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