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Hopes melt as chocolate factory vow reneged on

The closure of Cadbury's much-disputed factory at Somerdale near Bristol will induce many tears among those who have worked there but will not be officially marked by the new owner of Cadbury.

The premises was the subject of a promise by Kraft, which vowed to keep it open in advance of their takeover of Cadbury last year. But it turned out to be the corporate equivalent of a pre-election pledge, as Kraft swiftly reneged on the promise and announced it would close Somerdale after all.

The factory, which opened in 1919, made Cadbury's Buttons, Crunchies and Chomps among other confectionery. Production will transfer to Poland instead.

But Kraft, which also makes Oreos and Kraft cheese slices, has said it will not mark the production of the final chocolate bars at Somerdale. "It would be very hard to define what is the final bar," it said.