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House hunting 'increasingly becoming a hobby'

House hunting has become a hobby for many people, with nearly three quarters of home owners regularly checking what is available where they live even when they have no plans to move, research suggests.

Some 72% of home owners admitted to regularly looking at houses on the market and prices in their area even when they were not actively planning to sell or buy, research from Nottingham Building Society found.

The growth in property websites and house hunting apps has made it easier for people to take a peek at homes for sale from the comfort of their own armchair.

The research among more than 1,000 people also found that when people are actively trying to buy a home, more than a third (35%) will contact estate agencies either by phone or online at least once a day.

The average active home buyer registers with three estate agent offices or online services, according to the survey.

Su Snaith, head of estate agency at Nottingham Building Society, said: "Home buying and selling has changed in recent years as more online services have become accessible."