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House price decline could be slowing: report

By Margaret Canning

The decline in house prices in Northern Ireland could be slowing down, a monthly survey suggests.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) research found that many surveyors and estate agents are saying prices have not changed over the past three months.

In total, just under 60% of those surveyed reported that house prices had stabilised while 40% said prices had fallen.

And 80% of the agents said they expected prices to remain steady for the next three months, while 13% expected them to fall - and just 7% expected them to rise.

Around 40% said transaction levels were up in the last three months. The same number maintained they had stayed the same and 20% said transactions had fallen.

Two-thirds of respondents said transaction volumes would be steady for the next three months, 20% said they would go up and 13% said they would fall.

Connor Browne of North Down estate agents Rodgers and Browne, said he agreed with the findings. "We are starting to see growing interest and bidding on certain properties."