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How anticipation turned to disappointment after delays

By John Mulgrew

How anticipation for new jet turned to disappointment after series of delays

  • In July 2004, Bombardier announced the development of the CSeries family of airliners. It was then revealed that Belfast would be playing a big part in the series, building the wings for the jets at the firm's plant in the east of the city
  • But since the announcement, it has run into a series of setbacks, starting in 2012
  • In 2012, Bombardier said "the company is pretty confident that we'll have the first CSeries jet in the air by June 2013"
  • It had initially booked some 177 orders against a goal of 300 by the then 2014 target for entering commercial service
  • It also secured orders of almost £1bn for its CSeries planes
  • In June, the CS300 aircraft was put on display in Belfast after flying in from the Paris Air Show
  • Current projected service dates for both the CS100 and CS300 finally entering service are 2016

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