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How firms can build solid Foundations

Many employers make the assumption that Foundation degrees are only of benefit to those wanting to improve career prospects, but Foundation degrees can offer so much more – particularly for employers.

As an employer there are many ways you can become involved; you can have input in the design, development and delivery of Foundation degrees influencing what students are taught and how they are trained; you may even decide to support your own employees through the Foundation degree programme helping them to development new higher level skills, all with little or no impact on your business.

Many employers who have been involved in supporting their employees through the Foundation degree programme have reported an increase in employee motivation, improved staff retention, generation of new ideas, and the sharing of skills and knowledge across the entire workforce.

Alternatively, you could offer a work placement to a Foundation degree student which can bring great rewards to your business as well as affording you the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the workforce of the future. Many employers choose to employ Foundation degree graduates after they have completed their studies as they come equipped with a strong mix of academic knowledge, sector specific technical skills and relevant work related experience which can be a great addition to any business.


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