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How Martin's vegetables grow


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Founder and MD Martin Hamilton had been growing and selling vegetables for more than 20 years when he concluded many customers wanted the convenience of pre-prepared vegetables.

He diversified and transformed his wholesale farming business into Mash Direct in Co Down.

Now a market leader, it produces dishes from mashed potato and champ to ready-meals.

It uses steam cooking to retain the taste, texture and nutritional benefits of the vegetables in 32 products, 21 gluten-free.

The customer portfolio is split between food service, industrial ingredient manufacture and retail which, alone, represents 75% of the company's total turnover.

In the last year it has begun supplying Budgens and Ocado.

Sales have grown to over £7m in five years, helping it become an £11m firm employing 121 staff.

Construction on a new 25,000 sq m factory has begun, which will increase capacity by 50% and lead to 33% increase in staff.

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