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How was it for you? Lessons from a current inward investor

Name: Karl May

Company: Vello Systems, Inc.

Position: Co-founder and CEO

Q What factors influenced your company when it decided to set up a base in Northern Ireland?

A First and foremost it was the talented people we met. The linguistic commonality was also a plus, as was the economic proposition.

QWhat other regions were on your radar before deciding to come here?

A Ireland, the new states of Germany, Eastern Europe were all quite aggressive in seeking our business.

Q How have you found the process of establishing/ growing your Northern Ireland office?

A Though we had glitches along the way, the process ran rather quickly. We have had good success finding new engineers to join our company and that has exceeded our expectations.

Q How important is your Northern Ireland base?

A It has become much more important as we have grown to appreciate just how strong the talent pool is.

We now anticipate growing our NI base at a much faster rate than originally foreseen.

Q What advice would you give other potential inward investors thinking of coming to Northern Ireland?

A Find the team first, then after that work through the details. Understand the economic incentives – there may be some structural incentives beyond those offered by Invest NI.

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