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How Whisple, a Northern Ireland collaboration of ICT experts, is offering highly competitive access to cloud computing

Whisple is a new and innovative network of local ICT companies that’s set to capitalise on the massive global potential of cloud computing.

The ICT world has always been awash with ‘the latest fads’. Some come, some go. The growth of cloud computing, however, is widely predicted to be the most significant development in the ICT market in the last 20 years.

So what is cloud? Taking away all the marketing and and industry hype, cloud’s proposition is very straightforward. As articulated by Microsoft, “Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet.”

There are very few of us who are not already utilising the power of cloud computing. If you use, Facebook or Hotmail, you are in the cloud.

Jimmy Corr, from leading research analysts Gartner, says: “We have invested heavily in researching the cloud services market and in particular cloud services brokerage, which will represent the single largest category of growth in cloud computing, moving from a sub-$1 billion market in 2010 to a composite market counted in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

In response to this global potential, a group of local IT entrepreneurs has formed WHISPLE, borne from an Invest NI-supported collaborative network initiative. Those behind WHISPLE include leading local organisations such as Equiniti ICS, SQS, Anaeko, Replify, Goldblatt McGuigan and EMC.

WHISPLE draws on the world class cloud-based service offerings and technologies of local and international companies, providing an easily accessible ‘one-stop’ interface into the cloud for organisations wishing to consume software-, content- and, infrastructure-based services on demand.

WHISPLE provides choices, competitive pricing and gives control back to the ICT buyer.

“The cloud is a ‘mega trend’ and is here to stay. People are rapidly realising the economies cloud can offer their business and are planning as to how they will integrate and take advantage of this highly advantageous ICT service delivery model,” says Rob McConnell, a local IT entrepreneur and visionary. “Cloud services offer very significant benefits — from the smallest one-man company to the largest global corporations.”

WHISPLE provides a quick, safe option for those wishing to adopt cloud technologies, acting as an honest broker between the customer and the thousands of service providers promoting their offerings.

WHISPLE adds value to the relationship between buyer and seller by providing wide choice of services, supporting integration, managing service levels, providing security and performance enhancements to boost buyer confidence and delivering professional services to enable customisation of services to suit the buyers’ needs.

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