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Icelandair is most extras airline and plans for in-flight theatre

There will be no danger of anyone getting bored on those flights.

How many of you have sat on a long-haul flight and thought to yourself: “I could really use some theatre right now.”

Okay, that’s maybe not exactly what’s gone through your head, but Icelandair have realised that so many travellers are bored when in the air so they’ve set out to provide a bit more entertainment.

How are they doing this? By enrolling their staff in stage school.

The airline’s crew will become trained up in something slightly different to what they’re used to, and will then take their performances to the skies.

(Marino Thorlacius/AP)

The Icelandair Stopover Pass “aims to defeat wasted time whilst travelling”. If you’re interested in jazzing up your flights, customers can transform their boarding pass into a Stopover Pass which gives you access to a series of free performances.

The “opening flight” will be a three-act play on a flight from London to New York via Iceland in September.