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Iconi wins contract to aid jobless

By Romain Sauvage

Iconi Software has won a three-year contract with a London-based charity.

The Belfast company's web-based customer management system will help Careers Development Group (CDG) to find and secure employment for up to 60,000 people.

Iconi's software is designed to manage a candidate's journey between their first referral and finding and securing long-term employment.

"We are delivering a major back-to-work project, with many people embarking on a journey to re-enter the workforce," Phil East of Careers Development Group said.

"Using Iconi's software, we will track and manage this process to ensure that we can support people finding sustainable employment."

Liam Jordan, Managing Director of Iconi Software, said that the employability tracking software will be critical to supporting the programme which should reduce the number of people claiming unemployment benefit and increase the number of job opportunities.

"Our work will ensure transparency and increase effectiveness in ensuring long-term employment opportunities," he said.