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IKEA workers in for pay rise as firm improves upon national living wage

By Staff Reporter

More than 250 staff of Swedish furniture giant IKEA in Belfast are to receive a pay increase as the firm introduces a new living wage.

As the national living wage of £7.20 is introduced for over 25s on Friday, IKEA is introducing a higher hourly rate as of £8.25 nationwide for staff of all ages.

The company's current starting rate is £7.25 per hour. The pay jump will benefit 266 staff in Belfast.

While the national living wage applies only people over 25, IKEA said its pay increase would apply to staff of all ages.

The firm added that team leaders would also receive a "proportionate" increase.

Pernille Hagild, country human resources manager at IKEA UK, said: "April 1 marks an exciting milestone for IKEA as we look to transform our basic co-worker conditions for the better.

"Introducing the living wage is an investment we are incredibly proud to be making, particularly as our co-workers have told us about the real impacts and positive benefits this will have on their lives."

The Living Wage Foundation's recommended wage is higher than the national living wage of £7.20, which will also be introduced on Friday. IKEA has now become a principal partner to the Living Wage Foundation.

Foundation director Katherine Chapman said: "Its decision to pay the living wage demonstrates that whilst it's not always an easy choice for business to make, it is the right choice."

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