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In web design, Northern Ireland punches above its weight

By Barry Adams

The Northern Irish online technology industry is thriving. There are dozens of successful online companies, from developers to online marketers, from web designers to CMS-builders.

There is no greater testament to the strength of NI's web industry than the Build conference.

Going in to its second year, Build is a "boutique design conference" held in the Waterfront in Belfast, attracting big name speakers and visitors from all over the world.

Organised by local webhead Andy McMillan and building on the success of last year's inaugural edition, this year's Build conference features the likes of Tim Van Damme, Frank Chimero, and Tim Brown.

And Northern Ireland's own web design guru's the Standardistas are present as well, with a special pub quiz where the use of online devices is actually encouraged.

Aside from talks from these leading design and typography heroes, Build is also expanding in to workshops which allow you to learn directly at the feet of the masters.

When the discounted 'Early Bird' tickets for the conference went for sale, they were sold out in 18 minutes.

There are still tickets available at regular price for both the conference and the workshops, and if you are at all involved with any aspect of web design, I can't recommend a better way to spend your money.

Build is a conference whose appeal and relevance extends far beyond Northern Ireland's borders, and it's good to see how this wee country punches well above its weight in the crowded sphere of web design.

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