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Insecure contracts hurting workers and our nation, says GMB chief

Insecure work has become the business model for many companies in the UK, a union leader said.

Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB, said workers were being exploited, while the abuse of agency contracts was "rife".

He told his union's annual conference in Plymouth: "Employers and governments put the flexible labour market on a pedestal but that flexibility is flexibility for employers to exploit, not the flexibility our members need for childcare, to look after elderly relatives or to get a decent work-life balance.

"Keeping workers on insecure contracts with inferior terms and conditions might make employers a few more quid, but it's hurting workers, it's hurting their families, it's hurting their communities and it's hurting our nation.

"Forgive my scepticism when Theresa May says she's going to roll out the greatest expansion of workers' rights of any Tory government - it wouldn't be bloody hard, would it?

"Theresa May, the artful dodger who dodges every key question, if she hasn't dodged the debate altogether.

"This from a Prime Minister who wants to nick your house to pay for care costs if you get dementia."