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In-store prices still falling

By Josie Clarke

A record run of falling shop prices is showing no sign of ending, in good news for consumers, according to new figures.

Overall shop deflation of 1.8% in May is broadly in line with the 12-month average, while food moved back into deflationary territory as it continued to fluctuate around the zero mark, according to the BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index.

Fresh food reported an acceleration in its deflation rate, falling to -0.8% from 0.5% in April.

Shoppers have now been able to fill their baskets and pay less for their goods than the year before for just over the last three years.

British Retail Consortium chief executive Helen Dickinson said: "The fact that today's figures remain deflationary doesn't come as a great surprise.

"We've experienced a record run of falling shop prices and, for the time being, there's little to suggest that'll end any time soon - so the good news for consumers continues.

"Indeed, with food prices remaining flat at the same time as wages continue to grow, means customers will have yet more money in their pockets at the end of their weekly shop."

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