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Interest in Irish jobs are on increase for UK workers

By John Mulligan

Hundreds of thousands of UK-based workers are eyeing jobs abroad, including in Ireland, as they continue to fret about the impact of Brexit.

Global jobs site Indeed said that the number of searches made by UK-based people for jobs in Ireland remained 11% higher in April this year than before last June's Brexit vote.

Job hunters in the UK are also on the lookout for a wider range of positions in Ireland than previously.

Analysis by Indeed shows that roles in Ireland attracting more interest among UK jobseekers include nurses, business development managers, social media specialists and sales consultants.

Also increasing in popularity among those looking for a job in Ireland are positions such as data scientist, accountant, welder, and customer service manager.

"While European traffic to the UK has declined, Indeed is seeing that countries like Ireland, followed by France and Germany, could be benefiting from additional interest levels from European jobseekers," according to Mariano Mamertino, a senior economist at Indeed.

He added: "It is clear that the increase in people looking at jobs outside the UK post-Brexit has been more than just a short-term reaction and is continuing on a sustained basis.

"Over one year on, Ireland continues to be well-placed to benefit from these labour flows."

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