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Invest NI has given over £75m of support to Bombardier since 2002

By John Mulgrew

Bombardier is Invest NI's most expensive venture, with the agency offering more than £75m to the Canadian-headquartered giant since 2002.

The aerospace firm has been given support for a number of areas, which can include overall capital investment, research and development, along with job creation, over the last 13 years.

It received six separate offers of support since 2002, amounting to £41m in assistance.

On top of that, Invest NI has also made 69 offers towards "business development". That works out at a total of £34.4m.

And Invest NI has said its total £75.4m worth of support offered to Bombardier since 2002 is related to a total £844.5m of investment on behalf of the company and the agency as a whole.

But last night Invest NI was unable to clarify how much of the money had already been paid to Bombardier.

Just this summer, Finance Minister Arlene Foster said the Northern Ireland Executive and UK Government were together investing almost £135m towards Bombardier's operations here "in the form of launch investment and grants".

A spokesperson for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment commented: "Bombardier continues to make a valuable contribution to the Northern Ireland economy and both government and Invest NI remain committed to working with the company and supporting its future growth."

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