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Investment conference could reap benefits in six months


Tangible benefits from the International Investment Conference should begin to flow in six months, Trade and Industry Minister Arlene Foster predicted.

Speaking during question time in the Assembly, the DUP minister echoed comments from First Minister Peter Robinson on Monday that the event will prove the most successful of the three which have been held since 2008.

"I would think that, within the next six months, we will see a tangible benefit," she told MLAs.

"That is a change from the previous investment conference that was held in Northern Ireland, which I attended as the then environment minister in May 2008.

"At that stage, we were saying that, to look forward, we would need to assess what was happening in 18 months' time.

"I think that the fact that we had potential investors there – some of whom were further along the road than others – means that we will see tangible benefits in the next six months."

She added that the gathering with 121 international firms and 55 potential new investors "was a great catalyst for moving potential investors along the decision-making route."

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