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Investment of £500k at Bangor's Denroy Plastics protects 180 jobs

by david elliott

A Northern Ireland hairbrush-to-aerospace manufacturer said it has safeguarded 180 jobs at its Bangor plant after an investment of £500,000.

Denroy Plastics has used the money to buy new equipment to help manufacture both brushes and combs, which it markets under the Denman name.

The company said it will now be able to bring the production of some of the brush and comb components to Bangor, having previously outsourced to Asia.

Denman marketing manager, Jonathan King, said the move will help the firm break in to more international markets.

"This will give us complete control over product quality and stock control of these items. It is fitting that, as this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Denman brand, the company continues to invest heavily in continued growth."

The machinery which Denman has invested in for its Bangor plant includes a fully automatic 160 tonne injection moulding machine with conveyorised systems, and a bristling machine with separate trimming and finishing stations.

Last month, Denman sponsored the Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Denman International Limited, part of the Denroy Group of companies, is privately owned and operates sales offices in London, Amsterdam and Boston, USA. Its plastics arm also makes component parts for the aerospace industry, both in Northern Ireland and further afield, recently signing a £3.5m deal with GKN Aerospace, a supplier to Airbus.

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