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Irish consumers are ‘negative’ towards online advertising

Almost a quarter of Irish consumers are ‘strongly negative’ towards online advertising, a new study has revealed.

Just over 23% of people polled in the Republic and 22% in Northern Ireland dismiss the notion that online ads have any impact on their purchasing decisions and the majority of consumers say they have little interest or strong feelings towards the medium.

The new research by Pierce Communications investigated how the typical consumer is engaging with digital media and how businesses are adapting to reflect this. Almost half of all Irish consumers in 2010 (52%/43%) now look first to the internet when they require information compared to fewer than one-in-five in 2004.

However, the research found that more than a third of internet users believe the sheer volume of online advertising to be ‘overwhelming’.

Despite this, relatively few claim to pay no attention to online ads.

Richard Clement, internet marketing director at Pierce Communications, said: “Just throwing money at online advertising doesn't work anymore.

“A business needs to map out its entire value chain, from the ad and the click all the way through to the eventual conversion.”

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