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Irish dairy co-op sees surge in UK sales


Brexit opportunities: Gabriel D’Arcy

Brexit opportunities: Gabriel D’Arcy

Brexit opportunities: Gabriel D’Arcy

LacPatrick dairy co-operative in the Republic has seen a 25% rise in its sales into the UK in the wake of the vote for Brexit.

Chief executive Gabriel D'Arcy said that's because the company straddles the border, having operations in Coleraine and in Monaghan. He said this presents opportunities.

"From our perspective, and we straddle both sides of the border, there are opportunities in Brexit. And those opportunities are already being realised," Mr D'Arcy said.

"For instance, our business into the GB market from our sites in Northern Ireland have increased 25% since the vote.

"Every GB manufacturer, every big company, equally they're looking at how can they mitigate the risks that they're facing, where most of their raw materials are coming from the EU, from Ireland, or elsewhere. And they're saying, is there a GB or UK supplier of these raw materials?"

Separately, Lakeland Dairies co-op in Co Cavan said that it has a "massive safety net" against Brexit after its multi-million euro purchase of Northern Ireland's Fane Valley's milk business.