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Irish firm PCH to lay off 1,500 staff in China

By Adrian Weckler

Manufacturing giant PCH - set up by Cork entrepreneur Liam Casey - is to lay off almost all of its Chinese workforce as it seeks 1,500 redundancies.

The company, which has made products for multinational tech firms including Apple and Beats, has also not ruled out seeking redundancies at its Cork base, where it employs 30 people.

"There may be an impact on support structures around the world," said Mr Casey. "We haven't gone through those numbers yet."

The 1,500 Chinese redundancies, out of a total PCH Shenzhen workforce of 1,650, will be sought on a voluntary basis.

Mr Casey said that the company was seeking the lay-offs because of a change in its business interests.

He added that with producing margins that were "uncertain", the company was reorienting its operations towards design, engineering and early-stage manufacturing.

"A lot of what we have been doing is not as attractive today as it would have been years ago," Mr Casey explained.

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