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Is MySpace about to suffer social meltdown?

By Margaret Canning

The business news is littered with the corpses of social networking websites which have been eclipsed by Facebook and Twitter, and particularly the former.

Yesterday it emerged that MySpace, a social networking site which grew big and popular on music, was swallowed up by Rupert Murdoch for £372m but has since been deserted by many users, is cutting almost half of its global workforce - 500 staff.

Meanwhile, at Facebook there is trouble ahead as the Winklevoss twins - who won a multi-million settlement from founder Mark Zuckerberg after claiming a part in inventing the site - go back to court. They want the case, which led to a £42m settlement for them and their co-plaintiff Divya Narendra, to be reopened.

The quartet's original court battle inspired an Oscar-tipped movie, The Social Network.

Could there be a sequel?